5.26. 2023


on & around Main St.

3-5pm: @SVA: youth art show, closing reception 

(rain or shine on 5.26.23)

5-7pm: Music and Dance 

in & around Main St.

Rain Date: 5.31.23

Creative Community Collaborative Zoom spaces

We are hosting two Creative Community Collaborative Zoom spaces for folks to hop on, see what others are planning and to also chat about new ideas for stations and opportunities to share with the youth and community of Poultney, your talent, craft, or artistic display is welcomed. We want people to imagine ideas that can also relate to our 2024 theme, "Painting the Town with Creativity."

Here is the PAD Zoom link,                                                             


that will host the community meetings on two days. email us at poultneyartsday@gmail.com to let us know if you plan on joining or neet another 1:1 time to chat. 

PAD 5/24/24

More about PAD

Learners and youth from Poultney High School, LiHigh School, Poultney Elementary School, GMCS,  and other kids will watch, engage and enter the event with many ways to watch and learn about artists and creatives in their local and regional community. 

The creative community of the town and beyond collaborate, connect and grow, as community members engage and explore the happenings of the day.

There is a regional student art show on display for people to see at Stone Valley Arts and along Main Street in business windows.

 Additionally, students from LiHigh showcase music in front of their school, along with other artist demonstrations in the Journal Press building and along the sidewalk of downtown. 

Main Street will be used as a creative platform from 5-7:30pm with dance and music performances with Main Street as the stage. Makers and artists will have their works on display to see and enjoy.

The purpose of the event is to ignite an inter- organizational collaboration opportunity the day of the celebration and in projects beyond. 

Poultney Arts Day has become a tradition within our community to celebrate art, imagination, community and inter-organizational partnership.